What does the service cost?
​Our grocery shopping service fee is $20 for up to $100 worth of groceries. After $100 the fee is 20% of the bill.  Example: A $50 grocery bill accrues a fee of $20 and a $150 grocery bill accrues a fee of $30.

When do you deliver?
From 10am to 5pm
Monday through Friday

Do you deliver further than Eureka?
Yes for Grocery Delivery! Every Tuesday is Arcata. Every Wednesday is up to Humboldt Hill.

Do you deliver groceries to me at work?
Absolutely! We can pack it on ice if you'll be at work for a while. 

Do you pick up prescriptions?
Possibly. Depending on how expensive it is. 

Is there same day delivery?
​Yes!  Call us by 11am to ensure your shop is in our schedule.

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